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The Fastest Way to Go From Just Another Streamer to a Recognized Household Name

Feeling Lost

You’re feeling lost and lack the knowledge to turn streaming into something more than just a part-time after-work hobby.

Struggling to get
Consistent Viewers

You’re confused as to why you’ve been streaming more often, but getting less concurrent views.

Missing Guidance

You’re completely clueless as to what you might be doing wrong, so you spend day and night watching other successful streamers live out YOUR dream.

A Letter From Our Founder

You see, here's what most people don't tell you...
If you believe going live frequently is enough to build a loyal audience, you’re in for a rude awakening (more time streaming doesn’t equal success, that’s just a myth). While streaming is a rewarding career path, it also requires tons of work beneath the surface. We’ve been building successful careers as streamers for the past decade, and now, for the first time ever… we’re sharing our educational content and advice ― everything we learned first-hand on our journey to becoming full-time streamers.

Members will find all sorts of lessons on a range of mission-critical topics (growing an audience, running a business, setting up with the right gear, and so much more). We would know.

You’ll have access to a huge network of thousands of successful streamers (yes, literally thousands), as well as hear first-hand accounts of all the missteps we took along the way.

Stuff we wish we knew — but no one ever told us — when we were first starting out.

Which is why we decided to launch Pipeline, in the first place. An expert-led community to put you on the fast-track to a streaming career.


David Steinberg (Co-Founder)

A Step-By-Step Audience Growth Playbook Designed to Help You Succeed.

Your definitive Roadmap for Streaming Career Success
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A Battle-Tested Training Program (and community) That Will Help You Grow Faster Than You Ever Could On Your Own.

We know how it goes, because we’ve experienced it for ourselves. We know what it feels like to be too intimidated to start, or so frustrated with the lack of progress that it makes you want to give up entirely. Feeling like no one is even going to watch, regardless of the effort you put in, is enough reason to have second thoughts about your goals. And that’s not even touching on the lack of audience growth, all the debugging tech issues, and the overwhelming feeling that everyone shares a special secret you’re not in on.

But that’s exactly why we’re offering you a better sense of the streaming industry, including how it works, and how you can use that to your advantage to grow your career as a streamer.

With us, you’ll feel confident knowing that while it’ll require time commitment, all you need to do is follow a clear path.

Together, we’ll turn your passion into a full-time career.


Pipeline Member

He had never streamed before and in just 75 days after joining Pipeline was able to accomplish the following:

Peak Viewers


A proven step-by-step traction system to consistently build your following every time you go live (that’s helping us grow a whole new generation of streamers — some of whom you might be watching!)

Be Efficient

Actionable strategies to fully make the most of the equipment you already have (whether it’s high-end or not). We know the exact settings, processes, and inexpensive solutions that make all the difference between being a struggling streamer and at the top of the game.

Grow into a Business

And because you can’t go far without a capable team, we’ll show you how to hand-select your best possible team (we’ll teach you how to identify a great team member, train them for success, and assign them to the specific tasks they thrive at so YOU can reach even greater heights)

The Journey to Streaming Success Isn’t Complicated When You Have Support From Friends Like Us.

Our Exclusive
Streamer Playbook

Consider this the successful streamer bible, jam-packed with the hard-earned lessons (all step-by-step!) It’s the perfect resource for those starting off fresh, building their community, and wanting to learn how to grow their business.

Group Mentorship
With Experts

You’ll have access to private live sessions with StoneMountain64 and other top-level streamers at least twice a month. Ask them your burning questions, get detailed advice, and watch your streaming career come to fruition.

Access to our Exclusive Private Streamer Network

Connect with other aspiring full-time streamers as well as long-established professionals. Collaborate, share knowledge, or just enjoy the company on your path to stardom.You’ll be part of the most supportive, inclusive streaming community where everyone is in the trenches together. Streaming games, building audiences, and dominating niches.

Master Class Led by Industry Experts

Industry experts share their knowledge on all things streaming with you each and every month. That includes access to a library bursting with pre-recorded sessions, every multi-part video series, and all live sessions launching soon. You’ll learn the tools of the trade, as well as the tricks some of your favorite streamers swear by, so you can level up quickly.

What Our Members Are
Saying About Pipeline

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If you want to pursue a full-time career in streaming, your journey begins now.

We’ve got the goods. Actionable lesson plans, live mentor sessions, and a huge network of streamers just like you are waiting to help you on your journey to streaming being your career.

You can accomplish a lot on your own, but to get far, you’ll need a group of experienced people who’ve been there and done exactly what you aspire to do. We’ll support you every step of the way, with guides, mentors, tips, tricks, and of course, a network of people just like you to keep you accountable.

So don’t keep putting it off.

Get Instant Access To The World's Largest Training Platform for Up-And-Coming Streamers

For Less Than A Dollar A Day.

Annual Plan

Save 72$ Per Year
  • Full access pass to our private streamer network so you can learn and collaborate with the top streamers in the world
  • We’ve developed relationships with top gaming brands so you can save hundreds of dollars on quality gear
  • Full access to our step-by-step Playbook which tells you exactly what to do and how to do it to achieve massive success
  • Live mentorship from top streamers (secrets straight from the big names in the field) so you can grow your stream into a business
  • Access to every single tool you’ll ever need to run and grow your streaming business (including what you’ll need to do your taxes and handle branding)
  • A premium PIPELINE themed overlay for your stream to take professionalism and polish to the next level.

Premium Bonuses

  • $40 off Premium Membership to Pretzel Rocks (stream-safe music)
  • A 1-hour Group Q&A session with StoneMountain64 each month
  • And 20% in savings every month

Now Only

BILLED ANNUALLY (Limited Time Offer)

Monthly Plan

  • Full access pass to our private streamer network so you can learn and collaborate with the top streamers in the world
  • We’ve developed relationships with top gaming brands so you can save hundreds of dollars on quality gear
  • Full access to our step-by-step Playbook which tells you exactly what to do and how to do it to achieve massive success
  • Live mentorship from top streamers (secrets straight from the big names in the field) so you can grow your stream into a business
  • A premium PIPELINE themed overlay for your stream to take professionalism and polish to the next level.
  • Legal and Tax Resources
  • Custom Pipeline Themed Overlay for Your Stream

Now Only


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Pipeline Outside of USA?


Yes, our network is global, with a lot of our members being international (predominantly Germany, Spain, Australia, India, Brazil, and the Philippines.)

When it comes to live events, what time zone should I plan for?


We’re PST, so all live events will be planned within that time zone. Assuming you can’t make it (due to schedules or severe time zone differences), we provide access to all event recordings at any time. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to watch and learn along with other members.
You can make use of Pipeline at your own pace.

Can Pipeline help me if I have never streamed before?


Absolutely. All of our video content, every mentor stream, and of course, our playbook, work in tandem to take you from hobbyist to full-time streamer. This applies to anyone who’s never personally tried it before as well, since we’ll cover all the fundamentals and make gear suggestions along the way.

How can Pipeline help me if I’m already streaming full-time?


Although the goal of Pipeline is to get you to full-time, we all know that’s not the end of the journey. That’s why our resources, like the Playbook, are designed with longevity in mind. While they cover fundamentals every newbie streamer needs, they also cover key learnings that experienced streamers can benefit from.

For many full-time streamers, their #1 bottleneck is growing their business to a stable point (it’s not all fun and games). In that light, we offer real insights and tips to make that shift in mentality easier. You’ll be learning the do’s and don’ts from streamers with almost a decade’s worth of experience running their own business.

And since you’re more established, our suggestion would be to purchase the annual membership for just $28 a month. This will also give you a bonus monthly consulting session with StoneMountain64. Pick his brain and get him to walk you through how he went from obscurity to becoming one of the most recognized names on YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Will I be learning tips and tricks I can find online for free anyway?


Not at all. While there’s plenty of information scattered throughout different YouTube videos, Twitch channels, and Facebook posts, they’re not all great quality. Most of the information is either very surface-level, biased to their particular platform, or put together by people with no experience in streaming.

And in a hypothetical situation, even assuming you DID find suitable advice online, you’d have to watch countless YouTube videos for hours and hours. That’s time away from streaming, so it’s counterproductive.

Plus, you wouldn’t be able to reach top-tier streamers to ask questions directly. While you might try following them on social media, DMing them, and maybe even dropping countless comments on their posts to try and flag them down, there’s a high chance you’ll be ignored.

But none of these are issues with Pipeline. With us, you get high quality lessons in one go-to place. If you’re ever stuck, all you need to do is hop on a call with an actual full-time streamer at the top of the industry, and ask your questions directly.

In other words, you won’t walk away feeling like you knew all of this information. There’s something helpful for you to learn, regardless of your experience level.

Assuming I try Pipeline and don’t like it, is there a money back guarantee?


Yes. While we believe in our content and community, we know that some members may not be ready to learn, or may feel like our information just isn’t for them (for whatever reason). That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your Pipeline membership, we’ll refund you for the full amount.

All we ask is that you keep your standards realistic. If you don’t get viewers in the first 30-90 days, it’s not because you’re doing something wrong or learning the wrong things. Streaming, and everything that comes with it, including audience growth, takes time.

Will I be able to expense this to my company?


Several of our members expense their membership through their companies (they set them up to handle their streaming expenses).

If you’re curious, and want to try it for yourself, that’s something we can help you achieve once you’re all signed up and ready to go.

How actionable are Pipeline’s lessons?


Our lessons are designed with action (and results) in mind, that’s why it’s predominantly step-by-step. However, you’ll also get access to live sessions, where you get to actually work with experienced streamers, so you’re experiencing some live learning time (note, this depends on your time zone).